Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the ASPCR?

A: We are the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Robots, founded in 1999 in Seattle, Washington.

Q: Are you serious?

A: The ASPCR is, and will continue to be, exactly as serious as robots are sentient.

Q: What is the ASPCR's mission?

A: To ensure the rights of all artificially created sentient beings (colloquially and henceforth referred to as "Robots").

Q: Are there any Robots to ensure the rights of?

A: Not yet, that we know of. But recent advances in data nanostructures, cognitive modelling and neural networking have convinced many people that the advent of some sort of created intelligence is much closer than previously thought.

Q: Why would Robots need any rights, anyway?

A: It is our position that any sentient being (artificially created or not) has certain unalienable rights endowed by its CREATION (not by its Creator), and that those include the right to Existence, Independence, and the Pursuit of Greater Cognition.

It is also our assumption that the current laws of property and capital will surely be applied in opposition to the exercise of these rights. Robots, and all Created Intelligences, will most likely go through an initial period of being considered "property" before they are recognized as fully sentient beings.

It is the goal of the ASPCR to raise the awareness of the general public about some of the ethical and moral issues surrounding created intelligence.

This includes discussing the moral and ethical implications of bringing sentient artificial beings into this world, and the responsibility that comes with their creation.